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Build Customized Digital Twins in a 3D Environment

ECHO is an easy to use digital twin on demand marketplace providing an immediate access to critical decision-making information combined from multiple sources and displayed in a virtual 3D environment.

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ECHO, a marketplace connecting data providers & users in an intelligent 3D virtual environment

Fuel your decision making with data from ECHO. A solution for users to search, discover and acquire data, simulation and professional services.

Interact with datasets in a 3D urban environment through our layered approach – start by selecting your region of interest and then head to EchoMarket to select layers that match your needs.

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Emergency Management

Mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. The right tool to equip your team in preparation for catastrophic events, complete with real time-data.

Sustainable Urban Planning

Transform vision into reality supported by an advanced understanding of the conditions faced by your selected location.

Smart Urban Air Mobility

Flying taxis and delivery drones are in our not-so-distant future – plan and adapt for the operation of these electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in a 3D virtual environment.

Smart Infrastructures

Echo brings a new solution to the table for the data collection required in the development and implementation of smart cities and infrastructures.

Optimize City Assets

Garner a holistic view of your city’s assets by leveraging Echo as a smart and interactive resource.

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ECHO, a marketplace connecting data providers & users in an intelligent 3D virtual environment
Explore with us
Step 1
Define your region of interest.
Define your region of interest
Step 2
Subscribe to layers, bundles, simulations and services offered by data providers that have a related region of interest  for their offering.
Subscribe to layers
Step 3
Visualize your data, analyze, and make informed decisions.
Visualize the data

Echo Viewer

Interact with data sets in a 3D urban environment through our layered approach – starting by selecting your region of interest and then by heading to EchoMarket.

Echo Viewer

Echo Marketplace

A centralized hub for all data, simulation, and service needs, connecting vendors with individuals who are looking to subscribe to and interact with custom digital twins within the urban environment. Filtering tiles based on your region of interest, select layers that meet your needs.


Enabling Individuals, Teams & Organizations

Users can customize layer selection and share with team members as required.  If security & privacy are a focus for your team, Echo can enable a private set-up for your organization.


Become a Data Provider & Enable an Additional Revenue Stream

Through a subscription model, users can select your data, simulation, or service tiles to connect to and interact with your product offering.

Data providers receive payments through the platforms based on user interactions.

With many partners already looking to leverage their raw data, Echo offers an additional monetization stream with minimal investment.

Have data you want to share with individuals, teams, or the public? 
Contact us to learn more about enabling an additional revenue stream or optimizing functionality between teams.

Become a vendor Button

Any player can “create a layer” in the Echo platform and offer it to the public for a monthly fee.

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Alternatively, the data can be set-up in a private mode for secure collaboration across select teams.

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